Dwight Buhler

eDitor & Filmmaker

"Dwight is a terriffic editor. Tell him what you want and he nails it." 

Stephen Erkel - Editor, "Dirty Jobs", "American Chopper", "The Bachelorette" 


"Dwight brings more than just the mechanics of editing to the table. He's also a great collaborator, has the integrity to finish what he starts and improves every project he works on."

Robert G. Lee - Writer and Director of indie feature, "Can I Get a Witness Protection?"


"In addition to being an easy-going, comfortable and honest editor to work with, Dwight is a great balance of creativity and technical know-how. He's a quick learner, hungry for newer and faster tricks on the Avid, as well as a diligent and self-motivated storyteller. I am always impressed by his level of dedication and of his work."

Nicole Baer - Editor, "S.W.A.T.", "Timeless", "Supernatural"